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Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
night. that's it. broke our heart. our stomach is repaired. >> the yankees have been successful in attacking the orioles greatest strength. that could be a problem going foompletd you have -- forward. you have joe saunders. so we'll see how it goes tonight. talking to fans today, you get the real since it's a punch in the gut. two outs away. but they know -- everybody i spoke with, they know the orioles can do that. you got to win tonight or else the season is over. look, the giants won three games. the orioles fans are disappointed but confident. >> disappoint, laughing about a rod getting benched and next pitch home run, heartbreaking. >> nobody dave us a chance and we -- gave us a chance and we won big. >> different tone from the yankees fans. yesterday they were sensing some kind of nervousness. most of the game they were sitting on their hands until that 9th inning. now today you hear people going up and down the sidewalks chanting raul, raul. >> that's it for us. we'll see you tonight at 5:30. >> look at that magic. >> all right. there's plenty still to go around. fans around
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> game one, i think you saw what the yankees have -- cc is a bath ya. all throughout the post season they're talking about trying to get this game back if baltimore. he wanted the home game for the fans. they got it. now he says he needs more support from the fans. >> i thought it took maybe some but the per flies. the players were good. it was everything i thought it would be and more. i was real proud of our people and fans. a lot of people made a decision in this economy. they made this worthwhile. our guys fed off of it. >> reporter: so how do you come off of that. he's been the number one start are for much of the year and later into the year fell off. >> the last time andy pettitte threw a game -- >> don't say it. >> he pitched on jeffrey mayor. i remember. so andy pettitte will be on the hill. there's a man who wants to hit the warehouse tonight, i think a couple of them but this one is really ironic. brian kuebler bumped into a family and has more on utah street. brian? >> reporter: this remarkable season is one thing but the blackout of 14 straight long years finally ended w
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
head into the overnight hours. speak of the evening hours, 60 degrees. this is the yankee stadium forecast. 60 through the course of the evening. 53 for the nighttime hours and a chilly 41 degrees as we head into the predawn hours tomorrow. we'll talk about a cooldown as we go into thursday and friday. we'll discuss that coming up. >> thanks. a 13-year-old girl taken too soon from her family. monae turnage was shot earlier this year by two friends playing with a gun. the gun was later found in a baltimore police officer's car. we learned the state's attorney's office will not charge officer john ward. the mayor said ward remains on administrative leave. >> as a mother, the thought of an officer -- the thought of the allegations -- it's hard to imagine the pain that that would cause that family. >> two boys ages 12 and 13 were sentenced back in may for turnage's death. one is being monitored at home. the other is are sfing six month -- serving six months in a juvenile center. >>> two boys set up 13 bombs in the parking lot of a mormon church on saturday. no property was damaged.
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
cincinnati. we just learned they'll play the yankees. cara liu, ktvu channel 2news. >> the giants will play either washington if washington beats st. louis tonight or the cardinals if they win. it's game 5 and starts -- the giants -- it starts in washington, excuse me, on sunday. if st. louis wins, the series would start here in san francisco on sunday. you can watch the entire nlcs on ktvu. the winner goes on to the world series also on ktvu. >>> now, we showed you this last night on the 10:00 news, but this reaction to the giants' win is worth seeing again. >> it's over! congratulations, san francisco. >> that it is nancy pelosi and representative jackie speier. they could not restrain their violent. you can see that everybody wase keeping track of the game on their smart phones, and they just had to jump up. the oakland as did not win their game against the tigers, but the fans showed their appreciation for an amazing season. despite the 60 loss, the as faithful gave the team a standing ovation and chanted "let's go oakland" for nearly 10 minutes as the players hugged and tipped the
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
jamie costello is live outside yankees stadium. are you seeing a lot of orange tonight? >> reporter: we are seeing a lot of orange, christian shaffer is with me. >> absolutely. there is a lot of tickets available. people knew that this morning and made the drive up. >> reporter: the story line isn't about the win or the fact they pushed in to game five it's about the benching of alex rodriguez. >> $29 million a year. this is the biggest game of the season. if the yankees lose, they are done. supposed to be the best players, highest paid player is on the bench. >> where were you when you heard a-rod was benched? >> joe is going to do what he thinks is best for his team, he knows his people get better than anybody else. it's a good option for him on the bench. just like chavez on the bench. >> reporter: that's buck. we were talking to cal ripken earlier, we said have you ever been benched. he said 81, he was sitting on the bench and said i'm not going to do this again. >> he said that inspired him to do the streak, he didn't like that feeling. >> reporter: inside yankee stadium, a cou
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. you're not taking the train. >> reporter: as it shifts back to new york, many yankees fans had to shift as well with long lines, delays and cancellations. >> just coming here to find out. i was here for the two games. i'm looking at the board and see trains are canceled. >> reporter: marcia boarded at 8:45 in the evening and then forwarded in the morning. >> they told us the electrical is -- all trains are delayed between here and new york because aberdeen maryland, between aberdeen and delaware, power outage, so if you notice, everything in there is delayed. >> reporter: marc tranes continued running. they began running a limited service, in the soon enough for a yankees fan coming off of a loss. >> coming here it's usually yankees fans taking over the ballpark. now it's in the like that. the fans are coming out loud like i haven't seen it in 15 years. >> reporter: for others, the delays impacted far more serious issues. marcia is missing her mother's heart procedure. >> i feel bad because i can't be there with my mom, but it's okay. she's in god's hands. she's all right. but ill
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6